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YCWD aims for full transparency with our pricing. We do not charge  $100+ for a simple contact form and another $100+ just to make your website mobile-optimized. Here at YCWD everything is included, all our websites are mobile-optimized, your imagination is the limit.


Setup Fee

$ 120

One-time payment for the initial setup of a new website.

Website Hosting

$ 100 / year

Annual payment to keep your website online.

Domain Hosting

$ 22+ / year

Annual payment to retain ownership of your domain name. (Varies depending on your domain name)

Website Design

Use these Website Design prices as a general guide. Pages that are not very content heavy like a short “Contact Me” page will generally be included for free or at a discounted price. We will work with you one-on-one to come up with a fair final price.

Custom-Designed Web Page

$ 300

Custom-designed web page based on your specifications.

4-Page Pack

$ 900

Buy 3 custom-designed web pages and get your 4th page free!

Maintenance and Alterations

Your website is a lot like your smartphone. It has applications and an operating system that needs to stay up to date in order to stay secure and run smoothly. If left unchecked your website could stop working or get infected with a virus. Here at YCWD, we want to make sure your website stays secure and healthy, below are some affordable maintenance plans to ensure your website’s integrity. 


$50 / Month

Save 17% when you pay annually 


$500 / Year


$100 / Month

Save 21% when you pay annually 


$950 / Year


$200 / Month

Save 25% when you pay annually 


$1,800 / Year

*Service hours expire at the end of each month

Life support

The bare minimum. If you don’t plan on making very many changes and our maintenance plans above don’t fit your needs this plan will ensure your website stays healthy and secure.

$100 / Year

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